GW2: Sorrow’s Embrace (SE) Storymode Help

This dungeon is fairly straight-forward, but there are a few tricky spots.  I'll highlight these with instructions:

  • Locked Door, Pounding Pistons(mini-puzzle/traps)
    • There will be a locked door that needs to be repaired, and nearby there will be some pistons that smash down from the ceiling.  Have someone run through the pistons right after they smash down, aggro the mobs on the other side, and run back out.  Fight them in the open area.  Afterwards, send everyone through to clear out any mobs that weren't pulled.  A mesmer with Blink and Portal Entre can make it trivial to avoid the pistons.  Grab the gears, drop off the ledge, and fix the door.
  • Kudu and His 3 Golems
    • Kudu will run around and attack people and will send out golems at 75%, 50%, and 25% health.  While a golem is out Kudu will be invulnerable, and will only attack occasionally.
    • Same for all golems: Reflect skills (like Feedback) can reflect the golems' most dangerous attacks.  Also, keep condition-cleansing skills at the ready.
    • Electric Golem:  This golem will zap you with electricity when you attack while he has his electric shield up.  This shield can perhaps be removed with a boon removal skill.  People will want to disable their auto-attack for this round though.  Also, lightning will damage you if you stand too near other players.
    • Fire Golem: The hardest golem.  He uses dangerous burning AOE projectile attacks and will cleanse conditions from himself (and heal for each condition he cleansed).  You should do ranged direct damage and stuns/daze (he has a spinning flamethrower attack to punish melee attackers).  His self-cleanse is a 1-second channel which seems to be removable with a boon-removing skill (hard to perfectly verify).  When he raises his arms he will shoot two AOE fire attacks at each person.  Stay away from each other, or the combined AOEs will be nigh-undodgable and everyone will die.  Instead, dodge his attacks on your own.  They target the area of the ground you are running towards.  Example of how to dodge:  Golem raises his arms: start running left. 1st fire projectile: Dodge right. 2nd fire projectile: Dodge towards the golem.
    • Poison Golem: This will seem like a cakewalk after the previous golem.  Dodge the poison the best that you can, run away and cleanse/heal if necessary (the poison kills much more slowly than the fire).  Feel free to pour on the conditions - this one doesn't cleanse itself like the fire golem did.
  • Iron Forgeman (Final Boss)
    • Very fun boss
    • When he shoots a lava-laser, run behind one of the walls and spend time DPSing down adds.
    • When he stops shooting the laser and reaches for the ceiling, run out from behind the walls (those areas will get covered in lava).
    • Adds will drop boulders.  Throw these at the boss - they will do massive damage.
    • When he his death animation.  It's awesome.

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