GW2: Sorrow’s Embrace (SE) Storymode Help

This dungeon is fairly straight-forward, but there are a few tricky spots.  I'll highlight these with instructions:

  • Locked Door, Pounding Pistons(mini-puzzle/traps)
    • There will be a locked door that needs to be repaired, and nearby there will be some pistons that smash down from the ceiling.  Have someone run through the pistons right after they smash down, aggro the mobs on the other side, and run back out.  Fight them in the open area.  Afterwards, send everyone through to clear out any mobs that weren't pulled.  A mesmer with Blink and Portal Entre can make it trivial to avoid the pistons.  Grab the gears, drop off the ledge, and fix the door.

Guild Wars 2 Reference Guide

Welcome to your new central location for Guild Wars 2 info!  This page contains links to the best Guild Wars 2 reference material I can find.  Just bookmark this page, and you should have all the GW2 info you need.  If you have link suggestions, please leave a comment below.

Updated 10/05/2012

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New Gaming Computer – 2012 Edition


2012 Gaming Computer: External ViewEvery four years or so I research a bunch of computer parts and build a new computer. This year is that year.  Here is my parts list, my reasoning for each part, and the result.

Parts List

Processor (CPU):  Intel Core i7-3770 Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz (3.9GHz Turbo)

My last desktop computer was built with a second-gen Core2Duo. The processor ended up being the main limiter, and it's one of the harder components to upgrade.   So this time I wanted to try to go overboard with a Core i7 instead of a Core i5, and hopefully avoid the CPU problem for the forseeable future. I didn't go with the 3770K because I plan to keep everything air-cooled and at stock clock speeds.  And hopefully games will continue to learn to use multiple cores so the hyperthreading can see some use.