Build and Test Elixir Projects with Travis CI

I've been toying with Elixir a bit lately, and decided to see if I could Travis CI to build my project (currently named "ProjectTynamo").  Travis CI has support for erlang, so I figured it was possible (spoiler: it was).

So here's my .travis.yml file:
language: erlang
- 17.0
- git clone
- cd elixir
- git checkout v0.12.5
- cd ..
- make -C elixir
before_script: "export PATH=`pwd`/elixir/bin:$PATH"
script: "MIX_ENV=test mix do deps.get, test"

Line by line:

1:  Specify that it's an erlang project
2-3:  Specify the 17.0 release of erlang (elixir needs that or newer)
4-9:  Download and build elixir.  My project is using Dynamo, so I'm specifically targetting elixir v0.12.5 for now.
10:  Make sure the elixir binaries are added to PATH
11:  Run the mix command.  I'm just getting the dependencies and doing "test", so I set the MIX_ENV to "test".