New Gaming Computer – 2012 Edition


2012 Gaming Computer: External ViewEvery four years or so I research a bunch of computer parts and build a new computer. This year is that year.  Here is my parts list, my reasoning for each part, and the result.

Parts List

Processor (CPU):  Intel Core i7-3770 Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz (3.9GHz Turbo)

My last desktop computer was built with a second-gen Core2Duo. The processor ended up being the main limiter, and it's one of the harder components to upgrade.   So this time I wanted to try to go overboard with a Core i7 instead of a Core i5, and hopefully avoid the CPU problem for the forseeable future. I didn't go with the 3770K because I plan to keep everything air-cooled and at stock clock speeds.  And hopefully games will continue to learn to use multiple cores so the hyperthreading can see some use.


Review: Leopold Mechanical Keyboard

As a computer programmer, my keyboard my main day-to-day tool. Until recently I have been using whatever keyboard is convenient. However, I found myself longing for a higher-quality tool to use at work. I looked at reviews for keyboards by Das KeyboardSteelSeries, Razer keyboards, and Filco.  But in the end I decided to purchase a Leopold, specifically their fullsize Tactile Touch "Otaku" keyboard.