Build and Test Elixir Projects with Travis CI

I've been toying with Elixir a bit lately, and decided to see if I could Travis CI to build my project (currently named "ProjectTynamo").  Travis CI has support for erlang, so I figured it was possible (spoiler: it was).

So here's my .travis.yml file:
language: erlang
- 17.0
- git clone
- cd elixir
- git checkout v0.12.5
- cd ..
- make -C elixir
before_script: "export PATH=`pwd`/elixir/bin:$PATH"
script: "MIX_ENV=test mix do deps.get, test"

Line by line:

1:  Specify that it's an erlang project
2-3:  Specify the 17.0 release of erlang (elixir needs that or newer)
4-9:  Download and build elixir.  My project is using Dynamo, so I'm specifically targetting elixir v0.12.5 for now.
10:  Make sure the elixir binaries are added to PATH
11:  Run the mix command.  I'm just getting the dependencies and doing "test", so I set the MIX_ENV to "test".


Node-Gyp on OSX

If you have Xcode installed on your Apple laptop, then you should have gotten a C++ compiler in the form of CLang.  You'd think this would work fine with Node-Gyp...and it does.  With a tweak.

Add something like this to the "targets" section of the binding.gyp file:

"xcode_settings": {

Otherwise you'll probably get a litany of errors like

"cannot use typeid with -fno-rtti"


"cannot use 'throw' with exceptions disabled"

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GW2: Sorrow’s Embrace (SE) Storymode Help

This dungeon is fairly straight-forward, but there are a few tricky spots.  I'll highlight these with instructions:

  • Locked Door, Pounding Pistons(mini-puzzle/traps)
    • There will be a locked door that needs to be repaired, and nearby there will be some pistons that smash down from the ceiling.  Have someone run through the pistons right after they smash down, aggro the mobs on the other side, and run back out.  Fight them in the open area.  Afterwards, send everyone through to clear out any mobs that weren't pulled.  A mesmer with Blink and Portal Entre can make it trivial to avoid the pistons.  Grab the gears, drop off the ledge, and fix the door.